Airport Travel Planning

Planning Your Anna Maria Island Transportation To and From the Airport

You saved and planned for a vacation trip to Anna Maria Island, Florida or a nearby area for your family or loved ones. Either way the Anna Maria Island is a good choice for a family gathering, a romantic getaway or even a possible marriage.

Some of the available transportation options:

Transportation Services, Shuttles, Limousine services, Taxis, Lyft – Uber and car rentals and all with varying pricing.

One of the features of the Anna Maria Island is a free trolley services that runs the length of Gulf drive.

There are also free shuttle services throughout the island which will transport you to most places. I mention the trolley and shuttle services because you don’t need to rent a car on Anna Maria Island.

Here are some ways to choose ground transportation you can trust

  • Search for reviews on the internet
  • For many travelers the search for quality services begins with questioning friends who have traveled to the same area
  • Reviews are crucial to finding out what kind of service a company has provided for their customers in the past; ground transportation is no exception
  • Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce

Ask About Insurance
A legitimate car service company will go above and beyond to ensure that their customers are taken care of in the event of an accident or mishap. It’s important to ask pointed questions about insurance when interviewing potential transportation companies for your trips.

  • How much insurance do you carry on each of your vehicles
  • When was the last time you updated your insurance coverage to reflect changes in policy
  • What are your procedures in the event of an accident

These questions will help you get a broad perspective on your potential company’s insurance and how they might deal with issues should anything happen during your trip with them.

Ask About Chauffeur and Driver Hiring Procedures
One complaint that many travelers have about ride-sharing companies and cabs is that they don’t feel safe with their drivers.

Ride-sharing companies, in particular, have come under fire for having loose guidelines for hiring chauffeurs, leading to numerous complaints of assault or harassment by drivers on unsuspecting customers.

Your safety is the last thing you should have to worry about as your travel for pleasure. A legitimate transportation or limousine service company is the easiest way to ensure that you have a safe and reliable transportation and a trustworthy chauffeur behind the wheel.

These are some important questions to ask a potential transportation company about their chauffeur hiring practices

  • Do you require a background check for your chauffeurs
  • Do you require a driver’s history report on your chauffeurs
  • Do you drug test your chauffeurs before they are hired
  • Do you depend on contracted drivers or invest in hiring professional full-time employees

There’s a big difference between a contracted driver who is hired to handle one trip and a full-time professional chauffeur who has experience with customer transportation services. You shouldn’t pay top-dollar for a car service trip that doesn’t include the services of a true professional chauffeur.

You deserve to have ground transportation that you can depend on during your vacation trip, especially during the time crunch between your plane landing and your destination(s). Finding a transportation company you can trust and depend on is the first step in alleviating ground transportation stresses the next time you fly.

There are six major airports in Southwestern Florida used by travelers and vacationers.

To find more information on these airports


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