Transportation to Anna Maria Island and a few facts about vacationing on AMI.

Transportation from the Tampa or Sarasota airports is the primary question many vacationers have as time approaches for their travel to the Island.

There are many limousine companies offering transportation that can be found on the internet. Another source of transportation is the Anna Maria Chamber of Commerce. Prices and service will vary. It is important to state your exact needs while travel shopping – e.g. travel dates, and time of arrival, airline scheduled time and flight number, exact number of people in your party and children requiring child seats.

Transportation while on Anna Maria Island:

The Island is unique. Access to the beach is free and readily available. In many beach communities in Florida beach access is controlled by hotels, motels and land owners. 99% of the Island (Holmes Beach) have set building height at 3 stories. There are no chain stores or fast food chain businesses on Anna Maria. The vast majority of shops are small business offering their unique wears. You want to get away from the fast pace world – your here.

Free transportation on the Anna Maria Island – yep!

Once on the island you can find 4 modes of transportation to freely navigate Anna Maria:

  • The Free Anna Maria Trolley
  • Monkey Bus
  • Free Shuttle Service
  • Bicycle

Operating daily from six o’clock in the morning until ten o’clock at night and operating every 20 minutes, 5 new, green Anna Maria Island Trolleys operate 365 days a year up and down the entire length of Anna Maria Island and surrounding area, including Sarasota, carrying only happy passengers. The Beach Express operates Sundays and holidays from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Island Beach Monkeys is a free transportation service. Their fleet is available to drive you wherever you want to go. Want a ride to dinner? Need to run errands? Want a tour of Anna Maria? Their team of friendly drivers is at your service! The drivers offer their service for free, but it is customary to tip the driver an appropriate amount.

Many of the resort rental companies on Anna Maria Island will provide bicycles to renters. If bicycles are not provided there are many rental companies that will supply you with bicycles. They will deliver the bicycles and pick it when you leave the island. Many of these rental companies will can supply you with your going to the beach needs: umbrellas, chairs, tents, coolers, etc.

The island offers many free shuttle services. Once here you will see a large number of electric golf carts roaming the streets. Watch for the ones that display a shuttle service sign. The drivers offer their service for free, but again it is customary to tip the driver an appropriate amount. They will take you to any part of Anna Maria Island you wish.

You come to Anna Maria Island to relax for a week or so, and get away from the stress in one’s life. The island has much to offer the vacationers and guest. We want you to relax, enjoy yourself(s) and come back on your next vacation.