Transportation to and from Anna Maria Island

Travelling to and from Anna Maria Island, Florida

Travelling to and from Anna Maria Island, Florida during the spring break season.

Bridge Street Bistro Bradenton Beach Anna Maria Island

Bridge Street Bistro Bradenton Beach

Directions on bridge street bradenton beach

Directions on Bridge Street Bradenton Beach

Anna Maria Oyster Bar Bridge Street Pier Bradenton Beach Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Oyster Bar Bridge Street Pier Bradenton Beach

The spring break season is the busiest season on the island. Transportation to the island, and transportation on the island can be major problem.

Renting a car to the island might seem like an appealing alternative for transportation to the island and providing transportation while visiting Anna Maria Island. However, it is very expensive to rent a car at the airport. I have been told it may cost over $500.00 or more, and that is if you can rent one. Parking on the island is a major problem this time of the year. If you use a rented car to travel on the island, you may become part of the traffic jams that frequently occurs on Anna Maria Island this time of the year, and you may not find a parking space at a restaurant or at another tourist destination.

So, what are the alternatives? Believe it or not one of the easiest means to get around the island is using a rented bicycle. On the island there are numerous rental companies that will provide a rented bicycle for your use. These companies will also deliver a bicycle and pick it up when you leave the island. One of the major advantages to the use of a bicycle is you avoid automobile traffic jams.

Anna Maria Island also provides a FREE TROLLEY service for visitors and vacationers.

The FREE TROLLEY also provides services to many of the popular areas on the island. The FREE TROLLEY runs about every 20 minutes. You can find their schedules on the Internet – Free-trolley-guide | Anna Maria Island | Anna Maria Island …

Anna Maria Island Free Trolley

Anna Maria Island Free Trolley

Another means of transportation on Anna Maria is the MONKEY BUS – The Monkey Bus offers Free Transportation on Anna Maria Island … Their service will pick you up and take you to your destination for a small fee.

Transportation to and from the Anna Maria Island is not a problem.

There are about 15 transportation companies on or near the island that provide dedicated airport transportation. Yes, and I am one of those companies – Cartier Limousine Services. One word of warning, you can use ride share companies such as Uber and Lyft to get to the Anna Maria from an airport, BUT DO NOT DEPEND ON THESE COMPANIES TO LEAVE THE ISLAND AND RETURN TO THE AIRPORT. There have been numerous occasions when the scheduled ride share failed to show up at the appointed time. Many vacationers have called me in a panic trying to find transportation back to an airport in the early morning hours.

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